Professor Leila Patel

Professor Leila Patel Prof. Leila Patel has a PhD from the University of the Witwatersrand (1992), an MSW from West Michigan University, USA (1979), and a BA (social work) from the University of the Western Cape (1976).

Prof. Patel is Professor of Social Development Studies and Director of the Centre for Social Development in Africa. She is also the editor of the journal The Social Work Practitioner-Researcher. Previous positions include Vice-Principal and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of the Witwatersrand; Director General, Department of Welfare and Population Development; consultancy; academic teaching and research; and various editing, community, policy, and social work positions.

Prof. Patel published a book titled "Social Welfare and Social Development in South Africa" (OUP, 2005) and has published numerous journal articles, conference proceedings, papers, books, research reports and government documents, including the White Paper for Social Welfare, 1997. In 1992 she wrote a book titled "Restructuring of Social Welfare: the Options for South Africa" (Raven Press).

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